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Why should we use automated solid phase extraction SPE?

Sample cleanup and enrichment plays an important role in analysis of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruit, drugs in urine and blood, or pollutants in soil and water samples. Solid phase extraction SPE is a commonly used approach for sample cleanup. Manual solid phase extraction SPE is normally performed using a vacuum manifold, which is of relatively low cost. Disadvantages of manual SPE are mainly unstable flow rate and intensive involvement of human in solvent handling. It is not only a major cause in error, but also harmful to the laboratory personnel.

Automation of solid phase extraction  procedures is a solution for improving the quality and efficiency of analytical results. Adoption of an automated solid phase extraction also release the laboratory personnel for more interesting tasks.


Pictures from left to right: 1. SPE-01 is a single channel automated SPE;  2. SPE-04 online automated SPE  system, 3. SPE-04 plus 4-channel 40 sample automated SPE system; 4. RT-01 8-cahnnel purification system, 5. SPE-03 8-channel automated SPE  for large volume water samples.

How to choose an automated solid phase extraction SPE  instrument?

Automated SPE may be classified as single channel SPE and multi channel SPE. A single channel SPE handles samples in serial mode, whereas a multi channel SPE instrument handles sample in parallel mode. To choose a suitable automated SPE instrument, you need to calculate the total  liquid volume involved in one sample and the number of samples to be handled each day. The total liquid volume for one sample is the sum of sample volume and the volume of elution solvent used. For a total volume of 50 mL, one sample will need around 10 minutes (assuming the flow rate as 5 mL/min for most 3mL SPE cartridges). If  you have 12 samples per batch, a single channel automated SPE will use 2 hours and a six channel  automated SPE will use only 20 minutes for these 12 samples. Normally the cost of a multi channel SPE instrument is twice as a single channeled SPE system and improvement in throughput is several times.

Other considerations in choosing an automated solid phase extraction system are functions of the automated SPE, such as type of elution solvents, drying using nitrogen, online blending of solvents for gradient elution, or even online injection into a HPLC or LC-MS and online evaporation after the fraction collection.

What are the features and benefits of PromoChrom's automated SPE?

Our automated solid phase extraction system is based on our special flow path integration technology. This technology enables us to put several instrument functions into one module. It gives our automated SPE  more functions, much smaller footprint, simple hardware for routine maintenance, and   lower price. For example, our SPE-01-II 8 channel SPE system can process 8 samples in parallel and its price is only half of other 6-cahnnel SPE systems on the market. Its weight and size is also much smaller than other multi channel automated SPE system. 



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